Monday, February 8, 2010

push factors II

took quite some times to figure it out..

i think i have figured it out..2 or 3 will do..

1) must finish it quickly, since money is running out !!
2) must finish it quickly, so i can move on..quite suffocated to stuck in here for any longer

now i have to plan. still on the way. What i have done so far:
1) read..2 journals have been digested..good action to start with
2) have made an appointment with the statistician..
3) still developing good positive attitudes : hardworking, patient.. :P

well, somebody says you have to reward yourself even for small..little tiny i have dicided to buy something that quite sometimes i have aimed for :)

till then

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

push factors I

starting from today i have to live the life.
(maybe blogging could help)

past few days or perhaps years, i passed thru life less passionately, didnt bother enough.followed the flow..

i love to share experiences and talk to others, hoping i would be inspired and leading me for better life dimension.

today i talked to somebody that i have known past few years whom i respect and look for..

he said ' i have to find my push factors '
i have been thinking so hard..what are my push factors? kind of difficult question for me as i am botherless person..hmm..

let's hope that i will find one..go-go