Monday, February 28, 2011


My friend just passed her viva and qualified for her master. Good for her. I am bit envy.

i hope i could achieve the same thing. I have been doing it for the pass 1 year plus..Yet the achievement was not so enlightening. I guess many factors play part. Majority, me myself.

When I heard her good news, I am very happy for her. From what I heard from her, the journey was not so easy. But finally, she managed. I admired her and everybody else who able to pursue and persist till the end. Deep down, I tell myself; see they could do it and why I cannot? I tried to motivate myself. Usually, it succeeds but it would not last longer. Then I became what I am used to be. ayyo..

Why life seems to be very difficult. Is it because I am not been blessed by God because of my wrong doings? I did many awful things, too many to be counted.

Dear God, please help me to help myself! You are the only one that I could depends on..
Please God…

Dear self, please strive harder...
Please self...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It has been a year since my last post. What to do, being me..inconsistency is always my trait. But a year !! :D

Nothing much happened ..still the same. Remember my pushing factors thingy? Tell you what, just applicable for some times. Then, im back to what's used to be me..

Let me list few significant events for past few months:
  1. Parents: Dad hospitalized. And until now, he's not fully recovered. Quite worried. Mom still being superwoman as always
  2. Siblings: My second bro been working. Alhamdulillah. My third bro, form 2 now. Grew very well physically but not mentally :D Ayyo, sangat malas belajar harap kan makan je byk !!
  3. Work: Not much progressed. I have to finish it off by this year. Oh, please dear Allah help me to help myself :(
  4. Affliation: Sometimes it bored me. I will try to stay positive about this. Hopefully, I could hang on and persistent
  5. Sky: been better..Hopefully, it will get even better. Im counting on it, please be with me

I think thats pretty much covered the events

Till then