Friday, July 29, 2011


last week, i went to a conference. there was a topic about bus driver - obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) - obesity. that was very interesting !!

so i shared that with my friend who happens to be obese with BMI = 33. i told him that please lose some weight because with BMI = 33, you are qualify to get the OSA. OSA is very bad thing; you snores out loud during sleeping, are having difficulties to breath and are lethargy during daylight even you sleep very early at the night before. apart from that you are opt to experience marriage crisis with your life partner later on. i also added some points of my own (that not been discussed in the conference); the obeses are usually lazy to move (i.e passive/ dormant or whatever that is similar) and bad-tempered.

my friend ended up the conversation by saying thank you for your advice. please find some other people that is not obese to be befriend with! this guy is really something...aigooo...

well, i did not think i have done something wrong. so i said to him; take it positive man! its for your own sake. still he did not say anything, sulking i guess..a day after that, i apologized to him..

i was thinking maybe he was scared to death for what i have said to him...hahah..

anyway, ramadhan mubarak !!

note: to my dear brothers and friend ; let take this opportunity to lose some weights ..and also practise to quit smoking !!

with love,
miss frankly speaking

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