Wednesday, February 29, 2012

so loooong


Wow, it has been few months since the last post. I even forgot the existing of this blog :D Dear blog, i am sorry!!

Lots happened & going on these few months:

1. I went for an interview last two weeks as a part time/ full time lecturer/ tutor at one of the IPTS. I was required to prepare a 20 minutes presentation on any topics that I'm comfortable with. It was last minute preparation and well it didn’t turn out well. It was damn tough. I didn’t expect they will ask so many questions on the contents of the presentation. End of story. I learnt my lesson. It was very precious experience for me. I will perform better for the next round of interviews insyaAllah.
2. I have few problems with my supervisor. It has been very tough lately but still can be handled. It maybe because of our characters and I heard lot of complains regarding her behaviors. Consequently, I have these negative perceptions towards her. Dugaan-dugaan .
3. I am planning to get married. Maybe end of this year insyaAllah. I have known my soon-to-be soul mate for almost 9 years, on-off relationship. But since last year, we have been communicating well and seriously considering the possibility of building our own little family. Both parents of our sides already knew about us and hopefully, it will become a reality..
4. PCR has been successfully optimized. At least, I know what’s the reason of the failures. I am an expert now and very satisfied with the results. Alhamdulillah. All the stress and hard works were really paid off.

Currently, I am actively looking for a part time job either as a tuition teacher, translator/proofreader, data entry or others that suits my qualification and I can do well. I have been in communication with a company in Shah Alam for a translator job. I have submitted my resume and the translated BM to BI text for their consideration. I really hope that my application is accepted. I am in a such desperate situation now huhuh..

But think about it again. It’s all Allah wills either I get hired or not. So what I can do is just keep applying and make a prayer to Allah. Do not be despair. Ada orang yang lebih susah dan terdesak daripada kita. Occasionally it’s better for us to look upon people who are less fortunate than we are, for our muhasabah and indirectly we will become more grateful to Allah for what we have now. Alhamdulillah.

Till then.


  1. Just suggestion...
    Knapa tak nak wat kelas tuition bahasa inggeris..
    U boleh teach secara online and Offline...
    Mungkin boleh ajar menggunakan skype,ym,youtube blog dan mcm2 lagi...
    Offline plak..
    Ajar bebudak UPSR ke..
    PMR ke...buat kat umah..
    Tul tak2x ^_^

    1. kak,

      sekarang saya telah pun berkecimpung dalam bidang tuisyen.. ok lahhh.. :)