Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kedai Elektrik Murah

Last weekend we baught a refrigerator at a (very, i guess) reasonable price at this awesome electrical shop:

Pusat Perkhidmatan TV & Video Toon King
6, Jln Besar, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: 03 - 87375501.

We got Toshiba at RM600+ including delivery. The sales woman was very friendly and convincingly provided us good opinions and experiences of others.

I also found an oven brand "Butterfly" there. I could not remember the size but they have three sizes. The one that I interested in is the middle size which would cost me RM190+. I have a friend who sells muffins, cakes and all. She uses the butterfly oven because it's good performance and suggested by her sifu. It's very good for baking and have been in the market for years. It could not be found on supermarkets' shelves, only at small electrical shops i guess. So no wonder I have never heard about this oven before. By the way, I did not buy that last weekend. Maybe some other times later, insyaAllah :).

Anyway, do visit the shop and may you get the good bargain.

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Note: I do not get any commission from the shop for this post and it's merely for sharing with those in-needs..

Daaa~ 11th Ramadhan 1433.


  1. Salam naka tanya kedai ni jual brg 2nd hand ker...
    Klu lcd tv ade tak

  2. urusniaga tunai sahaja atau ada skim bayaran ansuran?