Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem 1433H


It has been four days of Ramadhan.. I would like to wish all of the Muslims Happy Ramadhan !! It's the month of blessing.. Moga masing-masing dapat menambahkan amal ibadat dan istiqamah sehingga ke bulan-bulan seterusnya, ameen..

 I have found a cool group at facebook, named as "Raudhah Ramadhan". Do like it and you will be benefitted :) These are the examples of 'goodies' obtained from the group:

Meaningfull video, 'Bring It Anywhere' .

And they also has an application called 'RR_AmalTracker'. It is an excell file where you can tract your progress of amal during the Ramadhan. It will rank your amal according to what you have filled up..It's so interesting. Kind of sport/jogging tracker. Let's try it !!

 That's all for now. Happy fasting peeps !!

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